travel and do yoga

Maciej Jaskólski - Yoga Teacher & Traveler

Hi! My name is Maciej and I am a Yoga teacher. I teach Hatha and Vinyasa yoga and I have experience with Iyengar style yoga classes as well. 

I completed the 200h Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at Yogabody Barcelona, Spain. Since then I’ve been teaching public and private classes. In 2018 I was a full-time teacher at Anya Yoga and a few Zdrofit Fitness Clubs (all in Warsaw, Poland). I also do yoga workshops including “Arm Balance for Beginners” being my favourite one!

In my classes I approach each an every student individually. I am very cautious about potential injuries or re-injuries, so I always keep it on the safe side and listen to my students’ questions and problems – no matter what age, gender, fitness level or yoga experience.

Before I started teaching yoga I led a very stressful lifestyle – I had a high-pressure investment banking job, I competed in triathlons and in general – I had poor judgment about what’s best for me. Yoga helped me bring balance to both the physical and mental aspects of my life and I am happy that nowadays I can share that with other people as a professional.

In December 2018 I took on a one-year+ journey to Latin America with my wife, Dariya. One of my intentions for the trip is to host classes and workshops in the places we will be staying. So, if you wish to practice with me just let me know!

You’ll find more about my approach to yoga teaching and yoga practice in the “Practice” and “Blog” tabs. Hope you’ll enjoy it! 


travel and do yoga

Dariya Lebedeva-Jaskólska - Yoga Student & Traveler

Hi! My name is Dariya, I’m Maciej’s wife and most demanding yoga student.

My first contact with yoga was years ago, but I didn’t really like it. It wasn’t until I met Maciej, who convinced me that a mindful yoga practice could help my back problems, that I started practicing regularly. This was not so long ago – I re-started to go to yoga classes as well as practice with Maciej around March 2018. I am not a flexible person so yoga is usually a challenge for me. Nevertheless I know it helps me so I keep on practicing.

7 years ago I entered a path of my spiritual growth.  Starting with psychology, exploring the world of chakras and discovering the potential of dance, Osho and Vipassana meditations I eventually created and led my own chakra course helping people discover their potential and live a more fulfilling life.

Two years ago I was living under constant stress and that’s when I started noticing how a stressful environment and a bad diet affects us in the long run. This motivated me to become more conscious about my health, which eventually changed my eating habits and led to leave my corporate job.

I am originally Russian, I lived in Poland and Thailand. Nowadays I travel through Latin America with my husband – Maciej.