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Yoga classes

Hi there! I would like to invite you to practice yoga with me! What kind of classes do I offer?

– Hatha yoga – in general, hatha yoga is each type of yoga… yet in our hatha yoga classes you might expect a slower pace and a more “static” practice. It’s a perfect place to start for beginners, however advanced hatha yoga classes are essential at a certain point of your practice as well;

– Vinyasa yoga – a dynamic class inspired by Ashtanga yoga. You will learn how to coordinate your movement with breath and flow from one pose to another. Vinyasa classes can be both soft and very demanding (power yoga);

– Iyengar yoga – a static class concentrated on alignment and a deeper understanding of the body. Poses are usually held for longer periods of time. Props are widely used since they often enable us to go into poses otherwise inaccessible. 

I offer both private and public lessons. Please contact me directly for information on private classes.

travel and do yoga

Yoga workshops

I offer a variety of workshops, including:

– basics of arm balancing;

– backbending for beginners;

– yoga for runners and triathletes;

– yoga for crossfiters;

– yoga for surfers & kitesurfers;

– yoga before & after hiking;

– releasing the daily tentions (aimed for office workers and other people with a sedentary lifestyle).

Please check the schedule for upcoming events or contact me directly for information on workshops and cooperation.

travel and do yoga

More information

If you have any additional questions regarding classes, workshops, different forms of cooperation, please don’t hesitate to download the leaflet to your left and contact us directly.